About Me

Gloria RabinowitzI’m an artist, art teacher and yoga teacher. I love to teach and give to others the education I have had the great fortune to benefit from in my years of self-development.

My goals as a yoga teacher are to have my students feel good in their body, in their mind and in their heart. Yoga means, the union of the mind, the body and the breath. How many of us are fully present at any moment? We think about the past, we worry about the future and what happens in the present often passes us by. Yoga allows us to practice and experience conscious control of our mind, body and breath through physical postures. I work individually with each student finding what’s right for them, whether it be modification of the pose or the challenge of reaching a “peak pose”. The result is calmness of mind, awakening of the body, strengthening of the muscles, flexibility of the joints and an overall sense of confidence, self-acceptance and well-being.

As a high school art teacher I believe teachers must educate the whole child. Students can’t achieve in school unless they have the mindset to learn and succeed. It rests on the teachers, the school leaders, the parents and the community to build a collaborative network that will enable our youth to want to learn.

Art allows the child to create, respond, explore and analyze. Yoga increases strength and concentration and calms the mind. Yoga and art combined results in exploration, focus, determination and tranquility. Students will be excited about learning when both their minds and bodies are addressed and nurtured in the classroom. Yoga and art together can do both. Calming focus (yoga) and creative exploration (art) can be integrated in every subject in the school curriculum. This will increase students’ interest in the subject and improve learning.

My goals as a teacher are to instill and inspire: STRENGTH of mind, PEACE in oneself, CREATIVITY to explore, EXCELLENCE in academics and KINDNESS towards others.

I’ve been an active and exhibiting artist since 1973. I’ve been practicing yoga for over thirty years. I’ve been happily learning and teaching my whole life. My eyes are open to the beauty in this world and people and to new journeys and opportunities.