Raw Granola

One of my staple everyday snacks.


2 cups raw almonds
1 cup raw sunflower seeds
1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1 cup pitted dates
2 TBS cinammin

In order for nuts to be digestible, it is recommended that all nuts be soaked.

Soak 2 cups almonds for 24 hours, soak 1 cup pumpkin seeds and 1 cup of sunflower seeds for 8 hours. Throw out soak water of nuts when finished. Soak about a cup of dates 2-3 hours with just enough water to cover them and KEEP the soak water.

In a food processor, process the almonds. Judge how fine you want them. You don’t want them very fine. They should be chopped well but nothing like the walnuts in the raw cocao balls. Put them in a big bowl. Process the sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds — not too much processing. They should be in small pieces. Add the seeds to the almonds. Mix in about 2 TBS of cinnamon. Use more cinnamon if you want, but you can add that after the date paste is put in.

Blend the dates and water together. I use a Vitamix and it comes out like date paste. Do the best you can in a regular blender. Add to nut mixture. Mix. Place mixture on dehydrator trays 1/4 thick. Score with spatula to the size you want to bars ( I do squares). Dehydrate 115 degrees about 36 – 48 hours.

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