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Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) is a fitness and therapeutic practice that combines healing, wellness and injury prevention. It can be done with a certified practioner or on one’s own, once the routines are learned. The beauty in YBR® is that its effectivenss is immediate. YBR® routines elongate and tone contracted muscles, improve alignment, increase circulation, develop core strength, stimulate nerve roots and organs, increase metabolism, relax the nervous system, expand the lungs to deepen breathing and increase body awareness.

Yamuna® Body Rolling grew out of Yamuna® Body Logic, developed by Yamuna Zake over twenty years ago. In Body Logic, Yamuna exerted traction on a muscle by using one elbow to apply pressure at the point where a muscle began and the other hand to pull the muscle in its natural direction, toward its insertion. The result was greater length in the muscle, decompressing bones, joints and nerves.

Yamuna® Body Rolling follows the same principles of Yamuna® Body Logic. The theory behind YBR® is that restriction, pain and discomfort are caused by lack of space. The goal of YBR® is to create space by restoring length to muscles and reorganize the body structure. In YBR®, small reinflatable balls of various sizes (six-ten inches) are used to stimulate bone, release tendons and stretch muscles to free restrictions, increase blood flow and promote healing.

Profound changes occur in people’s bodies because space and length is created in the muscular body and the skeletal body. This frees the body to move in its natural way and allows the organs more space to function better.


Yamuna® Body Rolling feels like a massage, chiropractic, and fitness session all at once. The results are immediate and you can do it yourself. You are empowered every moment of the day to decrease any pain you have yourself. Contracted, tight and painful muscles release with pressure on the ball. At the end of each body routine, pain is gone. Muscles are elongated to their natural state. Your body structure changes. You feel taller, straighter, more flexible, relaxed and “open”. At the same time, you feel invigorated, powerful and stronger. Yamuna® Boy Rolling is revolutionary in pain relief and wellness because it trains the body’s musculature to release into its natural order.

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Gloria is not offering Yamuna Body Rolling Sessions at this time. Please contact Yamuna Studio in NYC for referrals.