Yoga Classes

Gloria Assisting Student with Seated Twist

Gloria Assisting Student with Seated Twist

 GENTLE YOGA: Gentle Yoga combines gentle movements with breath to increase flexibility. Joints will go through comfortable ranges of motion and muscles will stretch. Students will leave the class feeling energized and relaxed at the same time. Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginners as well as advanced students who want to stretch and rejuvenate the muscles and joints.

SENIOR YOGA: Senior Yoga combines chair-only postures, chair supported postures and floor postures depending on the students ability. Senior Yoga can slow down the aging process by focusing on movements that will increase joint flexibility, muscles mobility and bone strength.

YOGA FOR SCOLIOSIS: After examining and evaluating each student’s curvature, Gloria will give a customized yoga program to help lengthen, strengthen and re-rotate the spine.

PRE-NATAL YOGA: Pre-Natal Yoga addresses the changing body of women during pregnancy. Students will learn beautiful and relaxing postures and breathing techniques that will improve circulation, balance opposing teams of muscles, improve joint stability and stregthen the pelvic floor to prepare for birth. Mothers-to-be will leave the class more in touch with their bodies and with greater faith in their own power.

GUIDED MEDITATION: Inward concentration and focus on breath. Calmness of mind through consciousness of breath to relax, be mindful of the moment and to de-stress.

(At the current time, Gloria is recuperating due to health issues. Feel free to contact her with any questions relating to yoga and this website.)