Yoga Testimonials

I have been taking Yoga with Gloria for about a year.  I meet with her and three or four other students.  The class is wonderful, relaxing and informative.  Gloria tunes in to each and every student’s needs without judgment.  As a retiree and probably the oldest person in the class, I have found the yoga experience to be one of the highlights of my week.
— Dianne, Fresh Meadows, NY

I was relatively new to yoga when I met Gloria, having taken a few classes in a yoga salon.  The difference with Gloria was the warmth of the setting and the individual instruction.  Leaving her sessions, I felt (and continue to feel) relieved, fresh, free of stress. My body and mind literally feel healthier. During the sessions, Gloria will often remind us to be kinder to ourselves, to dwell on our blessings. The sessions become spiritual as well as physical, which I believe is what yoga is all about.  I’m hooked.
— Priscilla, Oakland Gardens, NY

I absolutely adore Gloria. She doesn’t rush into poses. She teaches us how and why to create a yoga practice. After my fist class with her, I felt both energized and relaxed!  I am gaining much more awareness of my body and the link between my body, mind and spirit – to affect happiness and well-being. Learning to breathe and be flexible and to take time is a very big thing for me. As an executive in a busy corporate environment,  I am learning techniques that I can apply – on the job – to reduce stress and allow me to focus, and more clearly appreciate any given situation. Gloria is unique – she not only models all the wonderful behaviors and attributes of a yoga teacher but she genuinely and effectively, takes the time to explain why yoga has such health benefits.  Incredibly gifted and knowledgeable not just in yoga technique/practice but in how she communicates that knowledge.    It is said, “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. I’ve been fortunate to have found one of the very best teachers – Gloria!
— Janet, Hollis Hills, NY

The first class I had with Gloria was fabulous. Studying with her got me through a very dark time in my life. My husband of 26 years passed away after a bout with cancer. Yoga helped me make it through. The hour of concentration gave me a respite from my mourning. I was more relaxed and felt I had done something good for myself. The effect of the practice carried through to other areas in my life — it gave me the strength and courage to go on. The thing I liked most about studying with Gloria is her dedication to her students.
— Rosemary, White Plains, NY

Gloria is a true professional. The thing we like most about her classes is the way she designs the class to suit our needs. She’s sensitive and encouraging. We enjoy the mental focus, the proper breathing and the stretching techniques we practice in her classes. We have become more health conscious as a result of her classes and we realize how important exercise is in the aging process.
Reena and Arnie, Holliswood, NY

Gloria not only explains in detail how you should be positioned in each posture, but why you are doing it and what benefit your body is getting by working or stretching that particular part of the body (muscles, etc.).  I always walk out of Gloria’s yoga class feeling much more relaxed and with a better posture than when I walked in.  Gloria cares about each of her students and works with them on their concerns. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher.
Sheila, New Hyde Park, NY